About Me


My name is Alexei Collier, and I’m either a skeleton with delusions of grandeur, or a neurodivergent and disabled human who writes fantasy and science fiction. My short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Diabolical Plots, and Worlds of Possibility, among others. I also write interactive fiction and visual novels on StoryLoom.

I grew up in southern California, in a house my family moved into on my very first Halloween. I started telling stories as soon as I could talk, and haven’t really stopped since. I now live across the street from Chicago with my wife and our cat.

Here are some other odd facts about me:

  • I went to school in a creepy old mansion.
  • I started a reptile club in the third grade.
  • When I was nine, my sister almost fell into the Grand Canyon, but I caught her.
  • I was a finalist in the Chicon 2000 Student Science Fiction & Fantasy Contest.
  • I once lived under the same roof as a yakuza for five months. (It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds.)
  • My grandparents were outspoken socialists during the height of the Red Scare.
  • My mother spent several decades successfully convincing rich people and corporations to give millions of dollars to science education and cancer research.
  • My father programmed navigation software for NASA’s Voyager missions.

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