The Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stones (151,000 words) is epic fantasy with a human core, the story of a young woman’s struggle for self-direction in a world where the halls of power are dominated by men. I am currently seeking representation, and several agents are considering the full manuscript.

What’s it About?

Brenya often longs for the autonomy afforded the Peregrines, warriors who can cross hundreds of miles in an instant.  But no woman has ever manifested the ability to travel between the monoliths called Stepping Stones.  Even among men it’s a rare gift.  So when Brenya dares to touch one of the Stones, she doesn’t expect to transport herself to the heart of the distant capital.

With that single step, Brenya breaks a precedent that became sacred dogma long ago.  And the Lapizarium, the order that upholds that dogma, is prepared to kill her and even topple whole kingdoms to bury her transgression — or worse, forcibly strip her of the power and autonomy she’s always wanted.

With few willing to aid her, Brenya finds an unexpected advocate in Caen, commander of the Peregrines.  She can’t fully fathom Caen’s motives for helping her, but suspects he has some deeper agenda.  Playing pawn to his mysterious machinations could incite civil war, and would mean compromising her newfound freedom.  If she stays true to herself, she risks losing that freedom entirely in her battle with the Lapizarium… a battle she has little hope of winning alone.

Brenya may be the first woman with the power of a Peregrine, but she’s determined not to be the last.  Whatever the answer, and whatever her choice, she will have to fight for her right to exist and determine her own fate — and change the very nature of the Stepping Stones in the process.

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