What I Write

My primary focus is on science fiction and fantasy, running the gamut from magical realism to high fantasy, from alternate history to space opera, and even shading into horror or (weird) romance – or any combination thereof.

Published Work

  • “Sacred Chords” – In a dieselpunk-ish world where music is both religion and weapon, a shell-shocked soldier is imprisoned for playing forbidden chords. Published in the anthology Recognize Fascism, from World Weaver Press, October 2020. 2,000 words.
  • “Rattlesnake Tears” – “Three years ago, when I was thirteen, my mother first showed me how to change into a snake.” Published in Hybrid Fiction, Issue 5, August 2020. 3,600 words.
  • “Four and Twenty Blackbirds” – A fairy-tale retelling: After their mother is executed for witchcraft, Marta and her brother Johan escape into the forest, only to run afoul of a very different witch. Published in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, July 1st, 2019. 3700 words.
  • “How to Confront the Sphinx Haunting Your Garden” – “If you are consulting this guide, you live alone in the house at the end of the lane, and a sphinx has been haunting your overgrown garden.” Published in Flash Fiction Online, June 2019 issue. Podcast at Toasted Cake, August 2020. 850 words.
  • “[Year Redacted]” – “I regret to inform you that the world will be ending sooner than expected.” Published in Cicada Vol. 17, No. 3; Jan/Feb 2015. 900 words.
  • “The Taemor” – A poem of childhood. Podcast in Tales to Terrify No. 69; May 3rd, 2013. 25 lines.
  • “The Bohemians” – In the near future, a young “artist” designs and sells temporary mental disorders, while lusting after a woman who’s own “art” is an extreme level of body-modification that may have carried her beyond human; written in “period vernacular,” if you creed what I’m phoning. Published in Ideomancer Vol. 11, Issue 3; Sept 1st, 2012. Podcast at The Overcast, March 2016. 2,600 words.
  • “Just Around the Corner” – A group of guys relaxing at a bar consider the question: What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? Podcast in Tales to Terrify No. 21; June 1st, 2012. Printed in Tales to Terrify Volume 1; Oct 27th, 2012. Reprinted in Allegory E-zine Volume 27/54; May 1st, 2015. 1,600 words.

Current Projects

  • “ApocaList: The Surprising Origins of 7 Everyday Words” – A list story using the etymology of 7 words to tell a tale of wild AI critters attacking people. 850 words, seeking publication.
  • “Supermarket Music at the End of the World” – A young woman exploring the ruins of a drowned town finds a teen living in an abandoned supermarket. 1,900 words, pending revision.
  • “Dear Joriah Kingsbane, It’s Me, Eviscerix the Sword of Destiny” – A letter from a sapient magic sword to its wielder saying: it’s over between us. 950 words, seeking publication.
  • A Heart of Porcelain, Laced in Gold” – Historical fantasy set during Japan’s feudal era; Natsumi is a “living statue” serving in the court of a powerful lord, where she meets dark-skinned foreigner called Yasuke. 4,000 words, seeking publication.
  • “A Pearl for Her Brow” – In a Bronze Age fantasy world ruled by creatures called azra, a human girl adopted and raised by a wealthy azran family meets an urchin of her own kind. In progress.
  • “The Last God-King of Ossyr” – A fantasy adventure of Gladiator meets The Epic of Gilgamesh with a queer female protagonist. In progress.
  • “Seeing Blue” – Prehistoric fantasy: Injured, mourning, and far from home, an aging huntress stranded on a mountaintop discovers a color she has no name for. 5,400 words, seeking publication.
  • A Death in Oleander – Dieselpunk-ish fantasy; Three Parts Dead meets Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with a disabled POC protagonist. In progress.
  • And more…

Projects on Hiatus

  • The Dream Quarry – Online collections of fiction by other authors.
  • The Stepping Stones – An epic fantasy novel about a young woman who challenges sacred tradition when she becomes the first female to manifest the signature powers of an all-male warrior elite.

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